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Cyprus Sets Ambitious Goals for Beijing Olympic Games
2008-04-24 09:40:29

Nicosia Apr 23 – Cyprus’s Olympic delegation will travel to Beijing for the Olympic Games, having set its most ambitious goal to date, namely to have up to two athletes in the top eight positions of their respective disciplines.

''Our target is to have up to two athletes in the top eight of their disciplines so as to be considered as Olympic top athletes for Cyprus,'' Alecos Spanos, Cyprus Olympic Committee Technical Advisor has said.

The Cypriot team is comprised of the following 12 athletes:

Kyriakos Ioannou, High Jump 
Eleni Artimata, 200 metres 
Alexandra Tsisiou, Javelin

Pavlos Kontides, Laser, A
ndreas Kariolou, Windsurfing RSX 
Charis Papadopoulos, Finn 
Gabriella Hadjidamiaou, Windsurfing RSX

George Achilleos, Skeet 
Antonis Nicolaides, Skeet A
ntri Eleftheriou, Skeet

Marcos Baghdatis

Anna Stylianou, 200 metres freestyle

According to Mr. Spanos, Cyprus hopes that by July 20 it will secure another two tickets for the Olympics, in swimming and athletics.

''This is the first time we are saying that Cyprus can have its own Olympic champion and this stems from the fact that five or six Cypriot athletes are capable of securing a spot in the finals of their respective disciplines, of whom two can actually do it,'' Mr. Spanos added.

Cyprus hopes that Achilleos and Eleftheriou can make it to the finals in Skeet, Andreas Kariolou in windsurfing, Kontides in sailing and Baghdatis in tennis.

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