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Cypriot Doctors of the World and Bishop Offer Help in Kenya
2008-05-02 09:37:37

Nicosia, Apr 29 - A delegation of the Cyprus branch of the “Doctors of the World” is currently in Kenya offering medical assistance and medicine to the tried people there.

In statements to the Cyprus News Agency, Greek Orthodox Bishop of Kenya Makarios said that due to internal political problems in the country, many people died and around 200.000 are suffering from hunger and need urgent help.

“The Cypriot doctors accompany me at my visits in the refugees’ camps, offering free medical assistance and medicine”, he said.

The Bishop said he was shocked and sad about the situation in Kenya. “The main need of the people at this stage is food. I am really shocked because we just returned from a camp where people had not eaten for three whole days”, he stated.

The Bishop said that the Cypriot doctors, who accompanied him at that particular camp, “immediately ran to buy rice, sugar and flour for the people to eat”.

He emphasized on the children in need, saying that they are the ones who suffer the most. The Bishop said he visits camps every day distributing food, clothes, shoes, blankets and other essentials. He also appealed to the people of Cyprus to offer the Bishopric economic help in order to continue its humanitarian work.

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