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Iacovou Says First Week of Meetings Went Smoothly
2008-05-02 09:42:11

Nicosia, May 2 - Presidential Commissioner George Iacovou said on Friday that the first week of meetings of the working groups and technical committees, which are dealing with aspects of the Cyprus problem, went smoothly and in a good atmosphere.

Mr. Iacovou, who is the coordinator of the Greek Cypriot members of the working groups and technical committees, said the working groups had already entered substantive aspects of the Cyprus problem, such as the constitutional court and the authorities of the federal government.

On Friday, Mr. Iacovou held successive meetings with the Greek Cypriot leaders of the working groups and technical committees to review the work done so far.

He announced that next week he would be meeting with Ozdil Nami, adviser to Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat and coordinator of the Turkish Cypriot members, as well as with Acting Special Representative of the UN Secretary General in Cyprus Elizabeth Spehar, who will be departing from the island at the end of next week.

''In general I can say that everyone has determined that the good climate is still maintained in the working groups and technical committees. Taking into consideration that the committees and working groups are of an investigatory nature, I think that the exploration of the intentions of the two sides is proceeding smoothly,'' Mr. Iacovou said, adding that ''there have been no specific problems in carrying out these investigative contacts and I hope this will continue in the future.''

Mr. Iacovou clarified that, ''since we are entering a certain depth in the various issues, at least in the working groups it is possible to stumble on issues on which we disagree.''

Replying to questions, Mr. Iacovou said how much work is done also depends on the other side. ''However, I believe that at least the presentation of various alternative proposals, which is the objective of the exploration of the intentions of the two sides, will continue and I hope that all this will be useful for the leaders, so that they do not have to start from scratch.''

Asked if there has been any convergence of views, Mr. Iacovou said that ''some groups will have larger possibilities for convergence than others, maybe even agreement,'' adding that ''others are very difficult.''

Mr. Iacovou assured that efforts will always be made to find common ground, which we will present to the leaders of the two communities.

Ηe added ''we are not dealing with the Annan plan or any other plan, we are trying to produce ideas which are our own and which basically meet the need to find common ground.''

In March 2008, President of the Republic Demetris Christofias and leader of the Turkish Cypriot community Mr. Talat, during a meeting in the presence of the UN, agreed to set up working groups and technical committees to deal with aspects of the Cyprus problem.

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