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Cyprus to Participate in Festival d' Avignon
2008-05-23 10:12:44

Nicosia, May 19 – Cyprus will participate in the Festival d’ Avignon with Jean Genet’s “The Maids”, to be staged by the Cyprus Theatre Organisation and directed by Maria Mannaridou – Karsera.

According to an official press release of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the production will be performed as part of events organized for a "Week of Cyprus" during the French EU Presidency, which begins on July 1.

Set in the bedroom of an upper class Parisian home, the play depicts two sisters, both servants in the home, who nightly engage in a secret ceremony of revenge while their mistress is away. The story follows the sisters as they weave through past and present, fiction and fantasy, truth and lies, and finally, detection and escape.

“Two servants, two sisters, one person. Solange or Claire it is the same thing as the ritual becomes reality as they face the ultimate challenge of despair, jealousy, hatred and sisterly love,” said the director.

The roles are played by Christina Christofia, Elena Antoniou and Monica Hatzivasiliou as the voice of their Mistress.

The production will be staged 10 July – 2 August at the ‘Le verbe fou’ theatre in Avignon.

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