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Significant Archaeological Finds Revealed at Cave Excavation
2008-05-23 10:14:59

Nicosia, May 22 - Evidence of a basis, possibly of a kiln, associated with ceramic production was found at the excavation at Cave I, at the site of Erimi - Pitharka.

According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Communications and Works, the excavation was conducted as part of the inter-regional program, entitled Ellinokamara Kasou - Erimi Pitharka (Interreg IIIA), from 10th December 2007 to 25th January 2008, and between the 20th and 21st of April 2008.

As it is noted, stratigraphic analysis was central in research, as it provided invaluable evidence for dating the various chronological phases of the cave.

Excavation resulted in the recovery of more constructions in the chambers, such as benches, two hearths, and a curved stone wall, which comprises part of a built antechamber.

Finds also included decorated wares of the Late Bronze Age, and a great number of lithic tools.

However, the great amount of fragments of pithoi and storage jars, as well as the identification of burnt clay and a number of possible pithoi wasters, provide supporting evidence concerning the probable role of the cave as a ceramic production centre.

Albeit a possibility, it is of great importance, as Cypriot pithoi and storage jars were very popular in the Mycenean period. Despite the association of possible production centers, none have to date been archaeologically identified.

The issue will be elucidated further by archaeometric and petrographic analyses. The confirmation of this hypothesis will demonstrate once more the historical value of local toponyms, as the area bears the name Pitharka.

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