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Embassy of Cyprus Hosts Lafayette Elementary School
2008-05-29 11:39:20

On Wednesday June 28th, the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus hosted Lafayette Elementary School within the framework of the Embassy Adoption Program. Ambassador Kakouris, Mrs. Kakouris and the Embassy staff had visited the school several times recently and gave students an overview of Cypriot history, culture, and traditional dance and songs. At the Embassy, students were given a tour of the building and shown how the various sections of the Embassy function.

The Embassy Adoption Program is a collaboration between the District of Columbia Public Schools, Washington Performing Arts Society and the diplomatic community, providing students with an enriching cross-cultural experience. It offers teachers a valuable opportunity to promote academic success in their students. The interdisciplinary aspect of the curriculum provides a creative and flexible means to teach students skills and knowledge in accordance with academic standards. Experiencing other cultures broadens students’ horizons and the focus on embassies shows them how we live in a global community.

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