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President Christofias Outlines Educational Targets
2008-06-26 08:50:40

Nicosia, Jun 25 - President of the Republic of Cyprus Demetris Christofias has stressed that making Cyprus’ education self-contained is one of the primary goals of his government.

Addressing the official graduation ceremony of the University of Cyprus, held in Nicosia Wednesday, President Christofias said the primary objective of the government is to offer all young Cypriots who wish to study at home, the opportunity to study in their own country.

In this context and in the framework of educational reform announced by the government, it was decided that the University of Cyprus should proceed with the creation of a Faculty of Medicine.

The state, he added, provides support in every possible way to the University of Cyprus to help it proceed with the establishment of new faculties and be in a position to accept the biggest number of students.

The aim for self-reliance in education “is totally compatible with the main directions of the educational reform, which looks forward to increasing the openings for graduate studies in our country,” President Christofias said.

This, he pointed out, will in turn help disconnect secondary education from tertiary education and give emphasis on the humanitarian aspect of secondary education.

The President also referred to the creation of a Scientific Council which will draft educational policy on the basis of the Cypriot reality and taking into account modern developments in education on a European and global level.

He said various programs, including systematic training of teachers, the introduction of a new evaluation system, the restructuring of the Ministry of Education and the upgrading of the Pedagogical Academy, are part of issues the government is trying to implement.

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