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Cyprus Foreign Minister Markos Kyprianou Paid Official Visit to China
2008-07-03 10:23:18

Nicosia, July 3 - On an official visit by Cyprus Foreign Minister Markos Kyprianou in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi has reiterated his country's long-standing positions of principles on the Cyprus question.

Mr. Yang said that China supports the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Cyprus, that the settlement of the Cyprus problem must be the product of negotiations between the two communities and that the settlement must be just and viable and must be based on UN Security Council resolutions.

He also underlined that China supports the new effort for a Cyprus settlement, appreciates the efforts of the Cyprus government and will continue as a permanent member of the UN Security Council to play a positive role towards the final settlement of the problem.

Mr. Kyprianou expressed the solidarity of the Cyprus people with the people of China with regard to the destructive earthquakes of May 12, 2008 and said Nicosia is very pleased that preparations for the Beijing Olympic Games have been completed, despite the calamities caused by the disasters and expressed certainty that the Games and the EU-Asia Summit to take place in Beijing in October will be both successful.

He expressed Cyprus opposition to efforts to politicize the Olympic Game, noting that Cyprus will be presented at both events by its President Demetris Christofias.

In statements after the meeting the two officials expressed satisfaction with the dynamic course of bilateral relations in the past years, with more exchange visits and increased cooperation.

They also agreed to work in common to further develop bilateral ties, especially in the commercial, financial and tourist sectors, through the full implementation of agreements, the increase of the Chinese tourists and investments in Cyprus, the enhancement of cooperation and new areas of financial cooperation.

The two ministers also ascertained the identical views of China and the EU on a series of issues, since the two sides support the peaceful settlement of disputes, the non use of violence and the multilateral diplomacy, and pursue the establishment of a multi-pole world. They decided, in this framework, to enhance efforts to further develop EU- China relations of partnership strategy that will be most beneficial for both sides.

During his visit to China, Mr. Kyprianou, who returned to Cyprus yesterday, had also met with other Chinese officials.

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