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President Christofias Informs National Council on Latest Cyprus Developments
2008-07-03 10:25:01

Nicosia, Jul 2 - President Christofias informed Wednesday the members of the National Council, the top advisory body to the President on the Cyprus issue, about the latest developments regarding the Cyprus problem.

The National Council, comprising leaders or representatives of parliamentary parties, convened one day after the third meeting between President Christofias and Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat, since the Cypriot President was elected to the presidency early this year.

The National Council, which convened for two hours, will continue its meeting on Friday afternoon, during which the leaders of the political parties will express their views.

Government Spokesman Stephanos Stephanou read out a short statement after the meeting, which states that ''the meeting of the National Council will continue on Friday at 4:30. The members of the National Council will then express their views on the developments”.

Asked whether the government believes it should explain to the people the content of Tuesday’s joint statement between the leaders of the two communities in Cyprus, Mr. Stephanou said that since the meeting of the National Council has not been concluded yet, we should all be patient.

The political leaders refrained from making any statements, saying they would first express their views during Friday’s meeting and then talk to the press.

According to the joint statement issued after Tuesday’s meeting, the two leaders discussed the issues of single sovereignty and citizenship which they agreed in principle.

They agreed to discuss the details of their implementation during the full-fledged negotiations, it added.

Furthermore, they agreed to meet on July 25th when they will undertake the final review of the Working Groups and Technical Committees.

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