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Excavations on Fabrika Hill at Kato Pafos Completed
2008-07-10 11:27:13

Nicosia, Jul 8 - With the agreement of the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus, a French archaeological expedition, directed by Claire Balandier, Professor of Ancient History and Archaeology at the University of Avignon, has conducted excavations on Fabrika hill from April 15th to May 9th, with the financial support by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

An official press release issued in Nicosia said the main aim of the first season was to try to find the trace of the ancient city wall of Nea Pafos in its northeastern part, where it is still unknown. A field survey on the top of the hill permitted to find some blocks in situ in the northern part of the area, just below the northern edge of the hill, close to Daedalus Street. The excavation revealed that these blocks belonged to a wall which has been uncovered on more than 20 meters towards the north.

A sounding made behind the wall has shown that it had not been built with two faces: it was built with one face against the rock with a filling of rubble stones. The face of the wall is made of ashlar blocks, probably reused. Its foundation has been reached at a depth of 3 meters. It is built on a mass of huge rubble blocks. The rock has not been reached yet. The stratigraphy evidence shows that this wall has been built at the very end of the Hellenistic period or at the beginning of the Roman period. One should be able to verify the precise date next year.

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