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President Christofias Hopes Med Union Will Contribute to Stability and Peace
2008-07-13 11:10:27

Paris, Jul 13 – Cyprus President Demetris Christofias has expressed the wish that the cooperation inaugurated in Paris with the launch of the Union for the Mediterranean will substantially contribute to the establishment and promotion of stability and peace in the region.

Addressing the Paris Summit for the Mediterranean, President Christofias said that “the settlement of international problems which have been tormenting this region for years, through the respect of international law principles and the United Nations Security Council resolutions will conclude our vision for security and peace.”

He said that this region has been a model of cooperation aiming at financial development, based on social sensitivities and the respect towards the environment in conditions of security and peace.

Mr. Christofias elaborated on the issue of the management and saving of water reserves, a problem, he said that Cyprus and other Mediterranean countries are facing, and which is expected to further worsen due to climate change and the protracted drought.

He stated Cyprus has decided to use solar power that can help solve the problem and also contribute substantively to the reduction of impurity emissions and gradually to the non dependence on the non renewable energy emissions.

“Our goal is the effective use of solar power to produce electricity and the direct use of solar power for desalination”, he added.

He said Cyprus has already announced an ambitious but realistic strategic program based on the use of modern technologies and scientific achievements in the field of the use of solar energy.

The Cypriot President said this venture will be beneficial both for Cyprus, the EU and Cyprus’ neighbors in the Mediterranean, the Middle East and North Africa and expressed Cyprus' readiness to share its experiences and cooperate with all participants on research, with a view to reach sustainable solutions to these important problems.

As he said, the Union for the Mediterranean offers this potential.

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