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Cabinet Approves Measures for Integration of non Greek Speaking Pupils
2008-07-30 09:15:33

Nicosia, Jul 30 - The Council of Ministers approved Wednesday the implementation of new measures aiming at the smooth integration of non Greek speaking children in the school system of Cyprus.

A press release by the Ministry of Education and Culture says that the Cabinet approved the launching of a pilot program for the speedy teaching of the Greek language in secondary education schools. The pilot program will be implemented in 16 schools with the highest numbers of non Greek speaking pupils.

Moreover, an information leaflet about the school system in Cyprus will be handed out to those children and their parents, in order to make them aware of the rights and obligations of pupils. The leaflet will be translated into eight languages.

The Cabinet also approved education programs for teachers in matters concerning intercultural education and teaching in classes of pupils with different cultural identities, different mother tongue and for teaching Greek as a second or foreign language.

“The Cabinet’s decision shows the will of the Ministry of Education and Culture and the government to speed up the implementation of the education reform” the press release says.

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