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Commission for Children’s Rights in Cyprus Launches Website
2008-08-05 09:12:11

Nicosia, Aug 5 - The office of the Commissioner for Children’s Rights in Cyprus has set up a website for visitors to learn about the institution, the responsibilities of the Commissioner and the rights of the child.

A press release, issued by the Commissioner for Children’s Rights Leda Koursouba, says that through this website she anticipates to have frequent contact with children living in Cyprus and hopes to be briefed on the issues concerning them. She also says that she will take into account their views on the matters her office deals with.

The website, it is added, was created with the ambition to brief children about their rights and creatively interest them while being operated in an interactive way, ensuring their right of expression in accordance with her office slogan “the children have a voice”.

The website can be accessed at:

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