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Cypriot Woman to Participate in Commonwealth Women’s Antarctic Expedition
2008-08-06 09:14:03

Nicosia, Aug 6 - A woman from Cyprus will be one of eight women from an equal number of Commonwealth member-states to live a unique experience by taking part in the Commonwealth Women’s Antarctic Expedition.

“I commend you warmly for this exceptional initiative,” Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma noted referring to the Expedition.

According to the Expedition official website, in December 2009, 8 women from Cyprus, Ghana, India, Singapore, Brunei, New Zealand, Jamaica and the UK will split into two teams of 4 and set off from opposite coasts of Antarctica to ski to the South Pole.

The teams will meet each other at the South Pole around New Year’s Day 2010 - the year the Commonwealth Games will be held in New Delhi, India.

The team members from Cyprus, Ghana, Brunei Darussalam and Jamaica, will be the first representative of their nation to ski to the South Pole.

The team members from India, Singapore and New Zealand will be the first women of their nation to ski to the South Pole.

The women will travel some 500 miles across the most hostile environment on Earth, where temperatures fall to -30° C, winds reach speeds of over 80mph, crevasses lurk beneath the ice and disorientating blizzards last for days at a time.

The women will be pulling sledges containing all the food, fuel and equipment they will need for their journey and camping in tents on the ice when they sleep.

The leader of the Expedition will be the experienced British Polar traveler, Felicity Aston.

The website underlines that, by creating a team from such diverse countries and cultures across the Commonwealth, the expedition has the ability to demonstrate the potential of greater inter-cultural understanding and exchange, while at the same time, highlighting the core values that we all have in common.

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