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President to Participate in Negotiations with Good Will
2008-08-19 11:20:13

Nicosia, Aug 19 - President of the Republic of Cyprus Demetris Christofias said on Tuesday that the Greek Cypriot side will be participating in negotiations for a settlement with good will for a comprehensive, agreed on and mutually acceptable solution, noting that the Greek Cypriot side will continue to be true to the principles of a settlement and it will show determination and flexibility to help overcome any problems.

Opening the 22nd Conference of the Central Council of the World Federation for Overseas Cypriots (POMAK) and the International Coordinating Committee Justice for Cyprus (PSEKA), and the 4th Conference of the World Organisation for Young Overseas Cypriots (NEPOMAK) in Nicosia, President Christofias expressed hope that the Turkish side would attend the talks with good will and reasonable positions.

He noted that ''negotiations will not be easy, because we will come across the implacable positions rooted in the Turkish establishment for control over Cyprus, with the excuse of protecting the Turkish Cypriots.''

President Christofias said overseas Cypriots had a role to play in efforts to reach a settlement, noting that the government would be reviewing its policy, in order to strengthen overseas Cypriots and facilitate their role.

He said the decision to begin direct negotiations on September 3rd was based on two factors, firstly the fact that the basis of the solution was clarified during meetings with Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat and secondly the results produced by the working groups and technical committees, set up earlier this year to deal with various aspects of the Cyprus problem.

''We believe we are totally justified in our decision to proceed to direct talks because there has been preparation, which may not satisfy us fully, but is in our opinion adequate to begin. Now our attention focuses on the negotiations, to which we will proceed with good will for a comprehensive, agreed on and mutually acceptable solution. In order to achieve this, we will remain true to the principles of a settlement and be determined and flexible, in order to overcome any problems,'' he pointed out.

President Christofias said the form of the solution would be a bizonal bicommunal federation, with a single sovereignty, one citizenship, and a single international identity.

He expressed hope that during the negotiations ''we will meet good will and reasonable positions from the other side, in order to reach the covetable result, which is none other than a just, under the circumstances, viable and functional solution of the Cyprus problem.''

The President noted that ''negotiations will not be easy, because we will come across the implacable positions rooted in the Turkish establishment for control over Cyprus with the excuse of protecting the Turkish Cypriots.''

''We wish once again to clarify that with the solution of the Cyprus problem we are aiming at the creation of a reunited Federal Republic of Cyprus, which will be a continuation and evolvement of the Republic of Cyprus, which was established in 1960, as the common state of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. Our aim is for the solution to terminate the occupation and the influx of Turkish settlers, to reunite our people, the land, the institutions and the economy of our state. Our immovable aim is for the solution to restore and guarantee the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all the people,'' he said.

President Christofias assured that efforts were focusing on a solution that would ''make the people of Cyprus the real master in their land and that no foreign power can have the right or the capacity to intervene at will in the internal affairs of our country, we are struggling for an independent Cyprus for the Cypriots which will neither be a second Greek state nor a state under guardianship, an extension of Anatolia.''

Referring to the role of Turkey, President Christofias said ''it is decisive in efforts for a solution that will be to the benefit and in the interests of our people.''

He added that ''the acknowledgement of the difficulties is neither an expression of pessimism nor an announcement of failure in the difficult undertaking we have before us'' and expressed reserved optimism that ''through the negotiations we can reach an agreed on and mutually acceptable solution, and we are working for the creation of the preconditions to reach the covetable result.''

The President referred to the role of the international community, which he said should exert its influence on Turkey to cooperate for a settlement that will be based on principles, adding that ''already the international campaign we have promoted has borne the first results'' and that the international community ''is now acknowledging our sincere disposition and good will for a solution and is approaching our positions with understanding.''

''We will continue the policy of undertaking initiatives. You, our overseas friends and your organizations, also have a position and role in this policy, through the relationships you have established over the years in the countries you live and work in. The best ever climate that exists regarding Cyprus creates conducive ground to activate the international community in the direction of contributing towards a solution,'' he said.

Concluding his speech, President Christofias said ''this is the main duty for all of us during this period,'' and expressed certainty that overseas Cypriots are ready to undertake their own share of the responsibility ''so that together we can manage to fulfill this duty and pave the way for a solution.''

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