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Cypriot Olympic Athletes Return Home
2008-08-21 11:22:10

Larnaca, Aug 20 - Cypriot Olympic athletes George Achilleos and Kyriacos Ioannou returned to Cyprus from Beijing, where they had participated in the Olympic Games.

George Achilleos, who secured the fifth position in shooting skeet, said he was very pleased with the result, adding that his childhood dream was to become an Olympic winner and that he believed he could return from a future Olympiad with a medal.

He thanked the Cyprus Sports Federation, the Cyprus Olympic Committee and his shooting federation for their support, noting that his success was a collective effort.

Kyriacos Ioannou, who did not qualify for the athletics high jump finals, said he was satisfied with the result, although he expected to do much better. He also said that Cyprus’s participation in the Olympic Games was significant and expressed hope that Cypriot athletes who competed this year could secure medals in the future.

Kikis Lazarides, the President of the Cyprus Olympic Committee, in turn expressed satisfaction with the Cyprus Olympic team at the Beijing Olympic Games. He stated that, “we expected some of the Cypriot athletes to have very good performances”. However, “to have three Olympic champions (Antonis Nicolaides, George Achilleos, and Andri Eleftheriou) in the team is a unique success for Cyprus,” he added.

“We are very proud of our Olympic team, they did very well and the Cypriot athletes proved that this was the best Cyprus Olympic team we have ever had,” Mr. Lazarides pointed out.

On the performance of young Cypriot athletes, such as Pavlos Kontides in sailing and Demetris Minasides in weightlifting, Mr. Lazarides expressed optimism about their future and the future of Cyprus athleticism.

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