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2008 International Festival Presents the ''Gypsy Devils” and the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra
2008-09-05 13:00:45

Nicosia, Sep 2 - The famous ensemble “Gypsy Devils” and the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra will be giving two concerts, as part of the International Festival “KYPRIA 2008”, under the music direction of world famous conductor Peter Breiner.

The program promises to be impressive and unique, full of passion and inspired by Gypsy music. Including both classical and traditional music, it addresses classical music lovers as well as a wider audience.

The concerts are organized in collaboration with the embassy of the Slovak Republic on the 30th of September in Nicosia and on the 1st of October in Larnaca.

Stefan Banyak takes the lead of the Gypsy Devils Orchestra, which is a gypsy orchestra, composed of 8 performers who have studied in the state universities of Bratislava and Vienna.

The orchestra consists of cimbalom, clarinet, 2 violins, viola, cello and 2 double- basses. The repertory of the Gypsy Devils is extremely wide and universal, from pure gypsy improvisation, to Jewish Klezmer music, folklore music of Slovakia, Hungary, Russia, Greece, Rumania, to classical hits, famous airs from operettas, musicals, movie music and jazz standards.

This large repertory is arranged by the members of the group who engrave to their music a special touch of the gypsy style.

In 2000 the Slovak National Music Academy awarded the orchestra with three Grammies – the best orchestra, best album and best performers.

The Orchestra also won the 1st prize “Best Gypsy Orchestra in the world” at the Gypsy Music Festival Ciechocinek in Poland, in 1998. In their projects, the orchestra cooperates with the greatest personalities and performers of all styles such as Peter Dvorsky, Martin Babjak, or Jolana Fogasova. The Gypsy Devils have performed on the most prestigious stages, in Berlin, London, Munich, Luzerne and Vienna.

Peter Breiner is known as a composer, conductor, pianist and arranger and one of the world's most recorded musicians, with over 150 CDs in the last 10 years. Mr. Breiner has conducted, often doubling as a pianist, many renowned symphony orchestras all over the world.

The Cyprus Symphony Orchestra was established in 1987 as Cyprus State Orchestra by a decision of the Council of Ministers. It is committed to the development of high performance standards and to the promotion of music education and culture in Cyprus.

The CySO has broadened its activities by promoting community outreach programs, developing relationship with all levels of music education in Cyprus, participating in cultural exchange programs, etc.

Giving around twenty concerts series annually, the CySO’s activities include participation in international music festivals, opera productions, official events of the state, first performances of works by Cypriot composers, and since 1999 the “Educational Programs”, in collaboration with Primary and Secondary Education.

The Orchestra has performed in Greece, Germany, Denmark, Bulgaria, France, Malta and the United Kingdom.

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