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Commissioner for Children’s Rights Leda Koursoumba Participates in COE Conference
2008-09-11 12:03:37

Nicosia, Sep 9 - Cyprus’ Commissioner for Children’s Rights Leda Koursoumba participated on Monday in the official launch of the Conference of the Council of Europe, under the theme “Building a Europe for and with children – towards a strategy for 2009-2011”, taking place in Stockholm, Sweden, between September 8 and 10.

According to a press release issued today by the Commissioner’s office in Nicosia, in her intervention during the discussion on “Eradicating specific forms of violence against children: The rights of Children in Institutions,” Ms. Koursoumba noted that the eradication of violence exercised against children in child care institutions has been among her priorities, as the first Commissioner for Children’s Rights of Cyprus.

She then referred to a number of complaints received by her office regarding violations of the right of children to protection from all forms of violence, allegedly, taking place in a particular care institution for the mentally handicapped.

She then analyzed the way her office dealt with the issues referring to the recommendations she made for solving these problems as well the measures followed, while she spoke about the constructive dialogue between her office and the competent Minister.

Ms. Koursoumba noted that “in pursuing the aim of eradicating violence in child care institutions, I have included in my Plan of Action for 2008 the conduct of a study on “Safeguarding participation rights of the children in child care institutions.”

“This study,” she explained, “aims to illustrate the level of compliance and possible deficiencies in the implementation of Article 12 of the CRC in child care institutions in Cyprus.”

The study is due to be completed by the end of February 2009, she concluded.

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