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Barnet Mayor John Marshall Names London Road after Morphou
2008-09-18 14:55:44

London, Sep 18 - In recognition of its ties with the Turkish occupied town of Morphou, the London Borough of Barnet has named a new street in the proposed Mill Hill East development ''Morphou Road''.

Barnet and Morphou share strong links since 1995, which extend to a formal twinning of the Borough and the Municipality, as well as visits and solidarity.

Speaking during the road naming ceremony, Barnet Mayor John Marshall welcomed Morphou Mayor Charalambos Pittas, noting that it is unacceptable for a whole generation of Morphou citizens to be forbidden to return to their ancestral homes, from where they were displaced after the 1974 Turkish invasion and occupation of the island's northern third.

He also referred to Famagusta, saying that the legitimate residents of the fenced-off town can see their homes but cannot return, since they are being illegally occupied by Turkish settlers.

Mr. Marshall expressed hope that the new effort through direct talks to solve the Cyprus problem would put an end to this unacceptable situation.

He added that the road naming ceremony was a symbol of the continuing solidarity of Barnet citizens with the people of Cyprus for a free and reunited Cyprus.

Mr. Pittas expressed the gratitude of the refugees towards the London Borough of Barnet for its continuous support and referred to the ordeal of the refugees and the violation of human rights on the island by Turkey.

Gratitude was also expressed by the President of the World Federation of Overseas Cypriots Charis Sophoclides. Archbishop of Thyatira and Great Britain Gregorios expressed hope that Cyprus would soon be liberated.

The ceremony, which was followed by the unveiling of the road sign, was also attended by Barnet officials, MP Theresa Villiers, representatives of organizations of overseas Cypriots and many Morphou residents living in the UK.

The decision to name the road after Morphou was taken by majority at a Council meeting, after a proposal put forward by Councilor and former Mayor Andreas Tambourides.

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