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Supreme Court President Petros Artemis Sworn In
2008-09-18 14:58:47

Nicosia, Sep 12 - The new President of the Supreme Court Petros Artemis has assured the President of the Republic Demetris Christofias that he would do his utmost to be worthy of his trust in appointing him to this post.

Mr. Artemis was speaking at the swearing in ceremony before President Christofias on Friday at the Presidential Palace.

President Christofias expressed certainty that Mr. Artemis would vindicate his choice and continue his long and successful course in the judiciary.

He also assured that as the President of the Republic he supports in every possible and acceptable manner the power of the judiciary and its officers.

“Your competency in the legal profession, your successful service to the judiciary and your virtues as a servant of the law and as officer of justice, have been the exclusive criteria of your appointment to the position of the President of the Supreme Court,” President Christofias added.

He noted that “your commitment to serve well and faithfully the Republic of Cyprus, administer justice without fear, favor, prejudice or passion, does not allow any flexibility nor any other interpretation.”

The President said he was certain that Mr. Artemis will serve his post with “impartiality, zeal, dedication and absolute respect to the individual and society at large.”

“Furthermore, it is your duty not to forget, ever, that part of our country continues to be under Turkish occupation and under such circumstances it is very important that the Republic of Cyprus is and is also recognized as a law abiding society, where the rule of law applies, with all its citizens being treated equally before the law and with its Constitution being the ultimate law of the land,” the President stressed.

Christofias pointed out that it is important to administer justice within a reasonable time, but also acknowledged the huge volume of work the courts have to deal with.

The new President of the Supreme Court thanked the President for the appointment and promised to exercise his high duties in the best possible manner, to prove worthy of this appointment.

“I shall work, with my colleagues, to try and solve existing problems with a view to administer justice correctly and rapidly,'' he said.

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