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Government Spokesman Stefanos Stefanou Expresses Satisfaction with PACE Resolution
2008-10-02 13:06:59

Nicosia, Oct 2 - The Government expresses its satisfaction with resolution 1628 of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. The Government Spokesman Mr. Stefanos Stefanou in his statement says, inter alia, that “this resolution constitutes a very important step forward, in relation to the previous resolution 1376 of 2004, which praised the Turkish Cypriot community for its positive stance in the referendum and called on the international community to lift their so-called isolation.”

“The new resolution refers to many aspects of the Cyprus problem, with many references that are very satisfactory for the Republic of Cyprus and for the Greek Cypriot community regarding their stance on the Cyprus problem,” he added.

“Among these we note the clear reference to the occupation of the northern part of Cyprus by Turkey, the need of finding a solution to the Cyprus problem, which will fully comply with the principles of the Council of Europe including the relevant judgment of the European Court of Human Rights,” he said, further adding:

“Also important is the positive reference to the measures that the Republic of Cyprus is undertaking in favor of the Turkish Cypriots and the inclusion of such measures within the framework of the United Nations resolutions 541 and 550 that refer to the illegality of the declaration of the pseudo state and that consider this secessionist act of Turkey as non existent. I also wish to state that in resolution 550, there is also a reference to the issue of Famagusta.

Additionally, the reference that the measures in favor of the Turkish Cypriots cannot be misused to attain political purposes incompatible with the aim of reunifying the island is of particular importance. Here, I must say that the fact that the resolution calls upon the Republic of Cyprus to ‘lift objections to the adoption of the Council Of The European Union's Direct Trade Regulation put forward by the European Commission allowing free direct trade between Turkish Cypriots and the EU through their own ports,’ which is the negative point of the resolution, contradicts the 9th point of the resolution. Point 9 says exactly that the measures ‘cannot be misused to attain political purposes incompatible with the aim of reunifying the island.’ I must say that the reference to direct trade was made orally by the resolution’s rapporteur during the debate and the approval of the resolution.”

The resolution also calls upon the authorities of the Turkish Cypriot community to ‘confirm their commitment to reunifying Cyprus, and to refrain from insisting on the existence of a ‘separate state’ in the north of the island’, to ‘put an end to the sales of, and construction on, Greek Cypriot properties in the northern part of Cyprus’ and to ‘consider specific aid to help the Turkish settlers to leave’.

On the issue of the missing persons the resolution highlights Turkey’s responsibilities, noting that it must abide by and fulfill, without any further delay, its obligations and duties stemming from the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights. “We strongly believe that this PACE resolution reflects the shift of the international climate. Today, the international community commends the initiatives of the President of the Republic of Cyprus as regards the Cyprus problem, and gives him credit for his will for a solution, his trustworthiness and consistency in the positions he expresses. Within the framework of this climate, the approval of this very positive resolution for the case of Cyprus and for the case of the resolution of the Cyprus problem was achieved,” he said.

The Resolution 1628 in its entirety is available below:


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