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President Christofias Satisfied with Latest Meeting with Turkish Cypriot leader Talat
2008-10-10 14:17:12

Nicosia, Oct 10 – President Demetris Christofias expressed satisfaction with the outcome of today’s meeting with Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat, which is part of UN-led negotiations to reach a comprehensive mutually acceptable settlement to the protracted Cyprus problem.

Speaking to the press on his return to the Presidential Palace after his morning meeting with Mr. Talat, at the UN-controlled Nicosia airport area, he said “I am generally satisfied.”

Asked if there has been progress on the issue of the federal government, as Special Adviser of the UN Secretary General on the Cyprus issue, Australian former Foreign Minister Alexander Downer had said earlier, President Christofias replied “whatever Mr. Downer has said expresses the leaders of the two communities.”

On his private meeting with Mr. Talat before the start of today’s talks, President Christofias said the two had a friendly discussion, adding they will have more private meetings.

“There have been three meetings so far. I don’t think we should give the message that the Cyprus problem should have been solved by now,” he said, noting that there are five to six very important aspects of the problem on which the two communities have conflicting views. “This is clear. Therefore, we more than anybody else, but also you, must be patient,” he told the press.

President Christofias said that during the talks “we defend our views and positions to reach a solution on the various aspects of the Cyprus problem, a solution which will serve both communities,” adding that this will continue as the process advances.

“We shall have progress which might not be so quick or at a great speed. So long as we have progress. Today we have made one or two steps which concern the powers of the central government,” he concluded.

Mr. Downer announced that the leaders’ meeting was productive and they agreed to meet on a weekly basis. Their next meeting will take place on Monday.

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