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President Christofias satisfied with Conclusions of the European Council
2008-10-16 13:07:00

Brussels, Oct 16 – President of the Republic of Cyprus Demetris Christofias said Thursday he was satisfied with the conclusions of the European Council, which took place in Brussels this week.

Speaking to the press in Brussels, President Christofias referred to three issues included in the conclusions, the financial crisis, illegal immigration and energy.

Referring to the financial crisis, he said the EU leaders decided to strengthen the financial system of the member states and that Cyprus's position is that the problem must be tackled by its roots.

He expressed the position that the Cyprus economy will not be affected by the crisis, noting that the existing financial system in Cyprus offers more stability.

President Christofias also noted that the Cypriot commercial banks and cooperatives have not invested in “toxic products,” but acknowledged that the government remains vigilant and is studying measures.

On immigration, the Cypriot President said that, “Cyprus is facing a very serious problem of illegal immigration, which is becoming more severe due to the Turkish occupation and the fact that illegal immigrants come to the government controlled areas through the area which is occupied by Turkish troops. In this regard, he expressed hope that the EU decision will help minimize the problem, and noted that the problem will be tackled when “Cyprus is reunified and the future united Republic of Cyprus and its federative government exercise control over the whole island and its shores.”

Regarding the EU decision to use 20% of green energy by 2020, the President said that the conclusions bear in mind the special circumstances of some countries, like Cyprus, “which, being an island, is isolated and can not have any connection to energy sources in Europe.”

He added that Cyprus does not have the means to respond immediately to the EU goal but said that the government is already taking the necessary steps.

President Christofias expressed satisfaction with the fact that a special agreement can be achieved for countries like Cyprus.

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