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Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus and Greece Sign Memorandum of Cooperation
2008-10-24 12:28:31

Athens, Oct 23 - The Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus and Greece have signed a memorandum of cooperation in order to coordinate their moves as far as overseas Hellenism is concerned.

The memorandum was signed in Athens by Director General of the General Secretariat for Overseas Hellenism at the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ioannis Kyparissides and Director of the Directorate for the Overseas and Repatriated at the Cypriot Ministry of Foreign Affairs Stavros Epaminondas, in the presence of Greek Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs Theodoros Kassimis.

Mr. Kassimis said that with the memorandum ''we have implemented the agreement we made at the end of August with Cypriot Minister of Foreign Affairs Markos Kyprianou regarding cooperation on matters relating to Greeks and Cypriots overseas.''

He explained that there are Cypriots and Greeks living in countries across the world and the programs in many cases are similar, which is why the two governments agreed to join forces towards being more effective in their actions.

Mr. Kassimis noted that the two departments have already begun work on programs and the exchange of information.

Mr. Epaminondas pointed out that ''the memorandum is to the benefit of Greeks all over the world, since it will help them save human resources, as well as financial means.''

He furthermore assured that ''we will try through this memorandum to offer even better services to Greeks overseas.''

The two departments have agreed to cooperate in support of various networks and organizations, education, culture and art, the promotion of national issues, repatriation matters, the use of EU programs for overseas EU citizens and communication policies.

The memorandum makes special reference to the use of overseas Hellenism and especially the academia, the media, organizations and various personalities.

It furthermore aims at coordinating the International Coordinating Committee Justice for Cyprus and the World Council of Hellenes.

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