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Advisors to Community Leaders Codify Positions
2008-12-08 11:09:59

Nicosia, Dec 3 - George Iacovou and Ozdil Nami, aides of Cyprus President Demetris Christofias and Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat respectively, codified today the convergences and divergences between the two sides on issues discussed by the two community leaders at the UN-led negotiations.

Mr. Iacovou and Mr. Nami met today solely to record the views and positions submitted by the two sides on governance. Their next meeting is scheduled for December 10th.

“We have agreed on texts in which the convergences and divergences between the two sides on the competencies of the federal executive, the legislature and the judiciary as well as the independent officers are recorded,” Presidential Commissioner Iacovou told the press after the meeting.

Asked if this will assist the negotiations, Mr. Iacovou said these texts are drafted in such a way that each of the leaders can easily compare the positions of each side, something which, he noted, will assist further discussion and negotiation.

He added that during the negotiations the two leaders discuss freely the various issues at hand and at a later stage these discussions are processed “in a more detailed language.”

“This is very helpful because President Christofias can compare the areas of convergence and the areas of divergence,” Mr. Iacovou noted.

“We will continue this effort, following the discussions President Christofias and Talat have,” Iacovou said, expressing hope that the discussions on governance, the first chapter of the negotiations, will be completed by the end of the year “so that we will proceed to the next chapter, that of property.”

Expressing the belief that the completion of this chapter requires three to four additional meetings between President Christofias and Talat, Iacovou said that he remains optimistic that the discussions on property will begin with the first half of January 2009.

President Christofias and Talat will meet again on December 16th to discuss the issue of external relations. Yesterday's 11th meeting took up the issue of the civil service and the civil service commission.

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