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Cyprus and US Sign Agreement of Cooperation on Science and Technology
2009-02-06 13:10:55

Nicosia, Feb 5 - The Republic of Cyprus and the United States have signed an agreement of cooperation in the fields of science and technology.

The agreement aims at enhancing scientific and technological cooperation between the two parties, boosting relations between the academic and scientific communities and promoting cooperation in various scientific and technological fields for mutual benefit.

The areas of cooperation include among others the fields of archaeology, science, research, nanotechnology, super computing, and water supply purification.

The agreement was signed Thursday in Nicosia by Minister of Finance Charilaos Stavrakis on behalf of the Republic of Cyprus and US Ambassador in Nicosia, Frank Urbancic, on behalf of the US.

In statements at the signing ceremony, the Cypriot Minister described the agreement as important, saying it falls within Cyprus’s strategic objective to upgrade and enhance the competitiveness of the Cypriot economy.

“We want to move away from just a nice and attractive tourist destination and the place where rich foreigners buy nice holiday homes. We would like to move to other areas with more potential and mainly the area of research, development and technology,” Mr. Stavrakis said.

He added that “scientific research is the key of improving productivity in an economy and a country, so this cooperation with the super economic power of the US is very important because it falls within this framework of borrowing ideas, technical know how, scientific research, material from the US to be used in an appropriate way in the Cypriot economy.”

“I am confident that the agreement we have signed today is a positive step and will mark the beginning of an even more fruitful cooperation for the benefit of both countries,” he said.

The Cypriot Minister pointed out “a very significant agreement has been reached in the coastal town of Paphos between one of Cyprus’s leading business men and a leading medical center and University in the US, the University of Pittsburgh and Hospital, one of the two leading best in the US.”

He explained that Pittsburgh “will be here in collaboration and joint venture with Cypriot business men, as a world class medical center a hospital, with around 110 beds, probably with a specialized advanced oncology center with the objective of becoming a center of attracting patients from the Middle East and other nearby countries”.

“We are signing this agreement today and at the same time progress has been made in practical ways to enhance this cooperation,” he concluded.

The US Ambassador expressed satisfaction with the signing of the agreement, saying “we look forward to a bright future between our two peoples.”

“I am delighted to be here, to sign the technical agreement we have just competed and I am looking forward to conversations and programs that will develop on the basis of the agreement,” he said.

He noted that this week a series of seminars would take place on subjects like nanotechnology, super computing, water supply purification and business academia collaboration.

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