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“Aim for Reunification Unwavering and Irreplaceable,” States President Christofias
2009-02-24 11:12:14

Nicosia, Feb 22 - President Christofias reiterated today that the aim for the reunification of Cyprus in a bi-zonal bi-communal federation with a single sovereignty and political equality as defined in the UN Security Council resolutions is “unwavering and irreplaceable.”

In an address to the 23rd conference of the Union of Cypriot Christian Scientists, read out by the Director of his office Vasos Georgiou, President Christofias said both he and his government pledge “to exert with sincerity and consistency ever effort to bring resurrection in Cyprus.”

“The finding of a just, viable solution which would allow all Cypriots, Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Maronites, Armenians and Latins, to live in conditions of freedom, security, equality, peace and justice in a united Cyprus, free of occupying and other troops,” President Christofias added.

He made clear that when he speaks of solution he does not mean “any solution,” adding that a solution should terminate occupation and settlement, to restore and safeguard human rights and fundamental freedoms of the people and should be functional and durable.

“We can reach this solution remaining consistent in the commitment assumed by the first President of the Republic Makarios and all the other Presidents of the Republic. “A commitment for a bi-zonal bi-communal federation which we agreed with the Turkish Cypriot community in 1977 and was adopted by the UN in a series of resolutions,” the President stressed.

“The aim for reunification in the framework of a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation with political equality, as defined in the relevant UN resolutions for the evolution of the unitary state to a federal one with a single sovereignty and nationality and one international personality is unwavering and irreplaceable,” he concluded.

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