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House President Marios Garoyian Says Support for Turkey’s EU Accession Depends on its Stance
2009-03-23 12:30:34

Nicosia, Mar 19 - Acting President of the Republic of Cyprus and House President Marios Garoyian has warned that if Turkey does not fulfill its EU obligations, it should not expect Cyprus to continue being supportive towards Ankara's EU accession negotiations.

Mr. Garoyian, who met Thursday the heads of the EU diplomatic missions in Nicosia, informed the Ambassadors on Cyprus' positions regarding Turkey’s European course, saying that Ankara has undertaken some obligations, “which unfortunately since 2004 has not fulfilled.”

The Turkish side, he went on to say, cannot “ignore nor can it violate its own signature.”

The Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Garoyian added, backed in 2004 the commencement of the EU – Turkey accession negotiations, under the condition that Ankara behaves as a modern European state, through respect of human rights and EU principles and values and normalizing its relations with the Republic.

“In order to normalize its relations with Cyprus, Ankara must withdraw its occupation forces, send illegal settlers back to Turkey, restore human rights, and stop the illegal exploitation of Greek Cypriot properties in the Turkish occupied areas,” he said.

Mr. Garoyian added that at the meeting he underlined that the EU should exert its pressure on Turkey to abandon its policy, which, he said, “leads to a deadlock, is in full conflict with EU principles and constitutes a world provocation for all civilized societies.”

Asked what could happen if by the end of the year Turkey does not meet its obligations, Mr. Garoyian said that Cyprus has clarified its position from the beginning.

“We have shown our good will in 2004. If Turkey persists with the same positions, it should not expect the Republic of Cyprus to continue being supportive towards the negotiations and the opening of more EU chapters,” he stressed.

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