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House President Marios Garoyian Says Turkey Violates International Law in Cyprus
2009-04-03 10:41:49

Bucharest, Apr 2 - President of the House of Representatives Marios Garoyian has said that the principles of the UN Charter are being violated in Cyprus due to the Turkish occupation of one third of Cyprus’ territory.

Mr. Garoyian, who was addressing Wednesday in Bucharest the members of the Romania – Cyprus Parliamentary Friendship Group, stressed that in Cyprus, which became an EU member state in 2004, there are 45,000 Turkish occupation troops, around 160,000 illegal settlers from Anatolia and noted that “every day human rights are being violated in Cyprus by Turkey.”

The Cypriot House President, who is currently paying an official visit to Romania at the invitation of President of the Senate of Romania Mircea-Dan Geoana, has said that “the path towards our freedom, towards the reunification of Cyprus and its people is a difficult and long one.”

Mr. Garoyian, who will be received later Thursday by Prime Minister of Romania Emil Boc, said that “the UN Charter principles are being violated since 1974” when Turkey invaded and occupied one third of Cyprus’ territory.

“Unfortunately, in this European Union state, there are still 45,000 Turkish occupation troops, 160,000 illegal settlers from Anatolia and as we all know, this constitutes a war crime. In Cyprus, human rights are being violated daily,” he underlined.

Mr. Garoyian went on to say that “Ankara holds the key for the solution of the Cyprus problem,” adding that “Turkey is the country which occupies one third of the Cypriot territory, Turkey disregards UN resolutions and decisions, violates the provisions of international law, demands to have anachronistic guarantees in Cyprus and intervention rights whenever it wishes. And it is Ankara that controls the Turkish Cypriot community, which fully depends on Turkey.”

“We acknowledge and we know that geostrategic and geo-economic interests hamper our efforts because some powerful states in the world have invested a lot on Turkey and instead of punishing Ankara they encourage it. But we chose the path of principles, justice and dignity. The same path followed by the Romanian people in times of difficulties. We are sure that in the end, justice will prevail,” he pointed out.

In her statements, President of Romania – Cyprus Parliamentary Friendship Group Aurelia Vasile said that her country respects international law and human rights, and offered to contribute anyway possible to the efforts to reach a just solution of the Cyprus problem.

She also referred to the traditionally friendly relations between the two countries, adding ''I would like to further enhance them.”

The Cypriot House Speaker praised the work of the Friendship Group and invited its members to visit Cyprus, in order to “coordinate our efforts in international for a.”

Garoyian described bilateral relations between Cyprus and Romania as excellent.

“We both belong to the same European family. We will continue to follow and serve principles and values which are based on international law, EU values and principles,” he said.

He also expressed the gratitude of the people and the government of Cyprus for Romania’s support throughout the years.

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