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Organizational Issues Examined During Talks, Says UN
2009-04-24 08:09:07

Nicosia, Apr 21 (CNA) – The leaders of the two communities on the island focused, during their meeting on Tuesday, on organizational matters and preparation for discussions on the economy, said UN Secretary General's Special Representative in Cyprus Taye Brook Zerihoun.

Speaking after Tuesday’s meeting, Mr. Zerihoun also said he did not believe the result of the “elections” in the Turkish occupied areas of Cyprus would affect the talks for a Cyprus settlement.

Mr. Zerihoun said the leaders met for a little over an hour and then began the meeting, during which they centered on organizational matters, how to prepare better for the discussion on the chapter of the economy, to prepare the documentation and streamline the process so it can be more efficient.

He added that the representatives of the leaders of the two communities, George Iacovou and Ozdil Nami, will meet every day for the rest of the week to prepare the documentation and to advise on the best way to address the economic chapter.

Mr. Zerihoun noted that there will be a new meeting of the leaders on May 5th because he and the UN Secretary General's Special Adviser on Cyprus Alexander Downer will be in New York next week for internal meetings at the Secretariat.

Asked if he envisaged any problems from the result of the illegal elections in the Turkish occupied areas, Mr. Zerihoun said “not really” and noted that Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat is the acknowledged leader of the Turkish Cypriot delegation to the talks.

Asked if a representative of Dervis Eroglou’s National Unity Party will attend future talks, Mr. Zerihoun replied: “my guess is as good as yours”.

On the brevity of Tuesday’s meeting, compared to previous ones, Mr. Zerihoun said “they opted to look at the organizational matters” and in view of the shortness of Tuesday’s meeting, the representatives will meet for the following three consecutive days to prepare that.

Asked if they talked about the consequence of the victory of the National Unity Party (UBP), Mr. Zerihoun said not in the open meeting. “I imagine they probably did that in the tête-à-tête,” he concluded.

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