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Cross Reference: EU Accession and the Cyprus Problem
2001-09-11 00:27:51

The Government of the Republic of Cyprus applied for full membership to the European Union in 1990. The application was accepted and substantive negotiations are now under way for Cyprus? accession to the EU. Cyprus is in the lead of the candidate countries, having closed 27 of the 29 Chapters of the Acquis Communantaire.

This positive development presents a fresh opportunity in the efforts to advance a settlement, because it will act as a catalyst and provide the necessary incentive to all the parties involved to work more constructively towards that end. Cyprus? accession will greatly benefit all the people of Cyprus and especially the Turkish Cypriots, both politically and economically, by safeguarding security, prosperity and sustainable economic development for all Cypriots and by providing the best framework for cooperation and reconciliation.

In fact, the European Union underlined in its Helsinki European Council meeting (December 1999) that ?if no settlement has been reached by the completion of accession negotiations, the Council?s decision on accession will be made without the above being a precondition?.

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