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Spokesman Says Cyprus Solution Can be Win-Win Situation
2009-05-29 13:49:32

Nicosia, May 21 - Government Spokesman Stephanos Stephanou pointed out on Wednesday that “the solution of the Cyprus problem can constitute a win-win situation for all parties involved” and that “Turkey can promote her European aspirations through a solution of the Cyprus problem.”

Speaking at the 25th Annual Cyprus and Hellenic Leadership Conference in Washington, hosted by the International Coordinating Committee Justice for Cyprus (PSEKA), Mr. Stephanou said “the EU, through the solution, will be rid of a problem which has become her own problem after the accession of Cyprus and it will create the possibility for the Union, through a reunified Cyprus, to further develop her policies in the Middle East.”

“The international community, finally, will be rid of a problem which has troubled it for decades and the example of solution in Cyprus may be used to create a momentum for the solution of many other problems in the region of the East Mediterranean and the Middle East,” he added.

Mr. Stephanou referred to the latest developments in the Cyprus problem and the direct talks underway between the leaders of the two communities, namely President of the Republic of Cyprus Demetris Christofias and Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat, to reach a settlement.

“The solution sought aims to tackle all problems, entirely and completely, whether they pertain to the internal aspect of the problem or the international aspect caused and maintained by the invasion and occupation. The solution will be found through the intercommunal dialogue,” he said, adding that “the aim of the solution is to terminate the occupation and colonization and to achieve the reunification of the territory and the people in the framework of a bizonal bicommunal federation.”

He noted that “the solution of the Cyprus problem will be a compromise,” adding that “non solution so far is basically due to the intransigence and unwillingness of Turkey to cooperate for a solution compatible with the UN resolutions, which will serve the reasonable interests of the people of Cyprus.”

Furthermore, Mr. Stephanou pointed out that at the end of 2009, the EU will evaluate Turkey's accession course. “In view of this, Cyprus and Greece have agreed to strengthen their coordination with each other even more. The decision on what has to be done will be taken at the appropriate time,” he noted.

Referring to the USA, Mr. Stephanou said “it is too soon to say what the election of President Obama will mean for the Cyprus problem,” adding that “the Christofias Government desires the further development and enhancement of relations between Cyprus and the USA, on the basis of international law and mutual benefit.”

Mr. Stephanou also pointed out the importance the government accords to the role of the Cypriots abroad. “It is a testimony to the importance we accord as a government to the role of our Cypriot brothers abroad that we have significantly increased the enlightenment budget and, gradually, we have begun to increase the financial contribution to the organizations of overseas Cypriots,” he said.

He also congratulated the overseas Cypriots “for the activities you undertake and the relations you build with US administration circles,” noting that “this function is very important for the Cyprus cause and I must tell you that it is much appreciated.”

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