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Cyprus remembers 11 September 2001
2002-09-11 06:33:47

Nicosia, Sep 11 (CNA) -- Local media, printed and electronic, political parties and organisations are marking today's first anniversary of the tragic events exactly one year ago with special programmes and announcements condemning the terrorist attacks against the US and stressing the need for the prevalence of peace.

The US embassy here is open and working as normal.

A police spokesman told CNA that heightened security measures have been taken around the US embassy compound to meet any eventuality.

"We have taken all those measures we consider necessary to fulfill our duty," the spokesman said.

President Glafcos Clerides will make a few remarks at a special commemoration ceremony this afternoon at the US embassy.|

Earlier this morning, at 1028 local time staff at the Cyprus Stock Exchange held a two-minute silence to commemorate today's anniversary.

All dailies, some with big front-page photographs and banner headlines, remind the people of Cyprus of those terrible events and reports compare the need to remember 11 September with the necessity not to forget the tragic days Cyprus went through in the summer of 1974, when Turkish troops invaded.

"Sept. 11 2001 - the day that changed the world", reads the headline in the English language daily, "Cyprus Mail".

The largest circulation Greek language daily "Phileftheros" has a special article to mark the anniversary by US Ambassador Michael Klosson, who said the attacks last year were in fact against the entire international community, not just the US.

Klosson praises Cyprus for its prompt response to Washington's call for support of the global fight against terrorism.

"I do not forget," said another daily, "Politis", and "Horror anniversary" is how one paper, "Simerini" described the events of September 11.

Analysis and comment abounded in the printed press about the causes, the repercussions and the lessons one has learned from those tragic events.

TV and radio stations incorporated in their schedule special reports and documentaries to mark the occasion, some with discussion on the fallout of last year's attacks both in Cyprus and the world over.

One US citizen, of Cypriot descent, Mihalis Tarou, was killed on September 11 last year. He was an air steward on board one of the hijacked planes.

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