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The Republic of Cyprus and Harvard cooperate on Public Health and the Environment
2009-10-06 12:00:21

Nicosia, Oct 2 – The Republic of Cyprus and Harvard University signed an agreement for the establishment of an Institute for the Environment and Public Health under the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) Faculty of Health Sciences with the contribution of the renowned American University.

The agreement was signed by Cyprus Minister of Education and Culture Andreas Demetriou, Harvard's Public Health School Dean Julio Frenk and Elpida Keravnou, the President of the CUT governing board.

Speaking after the signing ceremony, Minister Demetriou said that the Institute has been operating in Cyprus in the past, adding that with the agreement the Institute will be included in CUT Faculty of Health Sciences as an autonomous foundation.

''The government believes that this agreement significantly strengthens our mutual interests, providing the capability to offer programs in the fields of public health and the environment on the graduate and post-graduate level,'' Minister Demetriou said.

On his part, Dean Frenk said that after the agreement the institute enters into a ''new phase.''

“We were delighted to enter into this new phase of collaboration in Cyprus,” he said. “We are confident that it will result in a substantial increase in the production of critical public health knowledge in the Eastern Mediterranean. Scientific evidence coupled with capable leadership, strong health communications, and an effective infrastructure will empower the region’s ability to address major current and future public health threats.”

On her part, the CUT President said that the agreement constitutes a very substantive development in the progress of the University mainly for its Faculty of Health Sciences but also for the University as whole.

Under the agreement, the period of cooperation between CUT and Harvard will be five academic years expiring on August 2014 with a clause for a four-year extension following a mutual agreement.

The agreement provides for exchanges of students and academic staff, while academic institutions will be created for participation in both European and US research programs. Furthermore, four master's degree programs as well as doctorate programs will be offered.

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