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Cyprus remains committed to fight against international terrorism
2002-09-11 12:47:32

Nicosia, Sep 11 (CNA) - Cyprus President Glafcos Clerides has repeated the government's commitment that it shall continue to participate in the struggle against international terrorism, while US Ambassador to Cyprus Michael Klosson said Cyprus has served as a valuable partner in the international struggle against terrorism.

Addressing the September 11 Remembrance Ceremony at the US Embassy in Nicosia, Clerides said September 11 "has awakened the conscience of human beings as a whole, who have come to see more clearly the need for a world-wide campaign against international terrorism".

"Humanity has no alternative but to fight and win", the President said, adding that "should it lose this war, a regressive, nightmarish course would begin, a course towards fear, spiritual degradation, loss of freedom, destruction of democracy, the loss of human values and poverty".|

The President said Cyprus, from the very first moment, sided herself with the US and all the other countries which joined in the struggle against international terrorism, and pledged "we shall continue with all our strength to participate in the struggle for the effective facing of the most threatening and dangerous international problem, that of international terrorism".

Klosson said the gathering "rekindles our hopes and renews our resolve to stand together against those dark forces which use violence to tear apart the fabric of our international community, and together for freedom, justice and tolerance".

He said Cyprus felt the impact directly with Cypriot-American victim, Michael Tarou, whose uncles and family, Achilleas and Sotiris Tarou and family members were present at the ceremony, and said the US "will remember the outpouring of friendship and sympathy in the wake of September 11th".

"The September 11 attacks were an assault on fundamental human values that bind people around the globe together", Klosson said, adding that the world quickly recognised that the foundations of "our international community were under attack".

"Cyprus has served as a valuable partner in the international struggle against terrorism", he said, noting that from the immediate support of government and community leaders, to the rapid implementation of relevant UN Security Council resolutions, "Cyprus has answered the call".

He thanked the President and the government for their "sustained contributions to the international coalition's work".

"We must all continue our efforts to disrupt terrorist operations, to cut off the flow of terrorist financing worldwide, and to stop terrorists from crossing borders to carry out their plans", the US diplomat said.

"September 11, 2001, is a date that will go down in history", Klosson added, and called on all to "recommit ourselves to the most basic values - freedom, justice, tolerance - and renew our resolve to triumph against the forces of evil".

"The future belongs not to terrorists, but to those who dream the oldest of dreams - the dream of peace and freedom", he said.

A moment of silence was observed after the remarks by the President and the Ambassador, both of whom laid wreaths at the flag post in the Embassy compound.

The ceremony was wrapped up with the playing of the American national anthem by a police band.

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