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Union of Capitals of the European Union - Award on ''Bridging divisions in cities” to Berlin
2009-11-03 11:06:10

Nicosia, Oct 29 – With the message that ''cities and their citizens should not and cannot remain divided,” the 2009 UCEU President, Mayor of Nicosia Eleni Mavrou, bestowed a symbolic award, entitled “Bridging Divisions in Cities,” to the city of Berlin, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary since the fall of the Berlin wall.

The award was bestowed to the Representative of the Berlin Senate for Integration and Migration Gόnter Piening, in the framework of the Opening Ceremony of the 49th General Assembly of the Union of the Capitals of the European Union, hosted in Nicosia.

Mayor Mavrou said this award expresses the feelings of friendship and solidarity of Nicosia and the other European capitals and asked Mr. Piening to convey to the city of Berlin and its citizens the warmest wishes for continuing peace, prosperity and well-being that accompany this award.

Mayor Mavrou said the award on ''Bridging divisions in cities'' aims to highlight the role that city authorities can play in bridging the diverse dimensions and impacts of divisions, which challenge the sustainability, competitiveness and inclusiveness of cities.

“It underlines our responsibility to challenge the legacy of division towards creating a new legacy of solidarity and shared aspirations for a future with social and economic benefits for all,” she added.

“We are gathered tonight in the capital of Cyprus, which reflects in many ways the turbulent history of the island and its current unacceptable division. Fully acknowledging the fact that divisions within cities are extremely varied in terms of their political context, history and nature, we are hopeful that we too will soon be able to talk of a reunited Nicosia and a joint peaceful future for its citizens,” Mayor Mavrou concluded.

The UCEU (Union of Capitals of the European Union) was created in 1961 to preserve continuous links between the European capitals and to encourage communication between the inhabitants in order to develop the living feeling of European solidarity.

Nicosia became a full member of UCEU in January 2004.

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