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The President of the Republic received former UN Secretary General Mr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali
2009-11-03 11:13:14

Nicosia, Nov 2 – The Former United Nations Secretary General, Mr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali, commended the President of the Republic of Cyprus Demetris Christofias for his efforts to promote the peace process and to find a solution to the Cyprus problem.

In his statements to the press, after being received by President Christofias at the Presidential Palace, Mr. Boutros-Ghali said he “was very much impressed by the political will of the President to promote the peace process, a real reconciliation between the two communities in Cyprus, and between Turkey and Cyprus.”

Mr. Boutros-Ghali added that President Christofias has the political will and patience, pointing out that, “we know that it will not be an easy operation, it will take time but we must always give time to time, and I am sure that sooner or later we will find the solution.”

“If you look at the different parts of the world it takes time to solve disputes. There is no problem that cannot be solved. With the political will all problems can be solved and all the difficulties can be overcome,” he added.

He also noted that it is in the interest of the region that peace prevails, adding that the solution to the Cyprus problem is important not only for the Cyprus people but for all the states in the region.

Mr. Boutros-Ghali also said that Cyprus can play a role in the region as mediator and reconciliator, and pointed out that Cyprus was one of the co-founders of the Non-Aligned Movement.

Asked whether he considers this negotiation process to be the last chance in finding a solution to the Cyprus problem, he said, “there is never a last chance, there will always be a new chance. You have to continue and continue until you are able to find a solution.”

“The secret to solving international problems is perseverance,” he said.

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