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New Larnaca International Airport opens fully
2009-11-18 10:02:37

Larnaca, Nov 17 – The new Larnaca International Airport opened fully on the evening of November 16, at midnight, when all airlines began using the new airport for their flights.

Hermes Airports Communications and Public Relations Director Adamos Aspris said ''Hermes Airports announces that at midnight on November 16, the old Larnaca Airport stopped operating and as of today, November 17, the old Larnaca Airport passed the baton of air communications to the new Larnaca International Airport.''

Mr. Aspris said the last arrival at the old airport was a Syrian Airlines flight from Damascus, which landed at 22:25 local time, while the last departure was also a Syrian Airlines flight to Damascus, which took off at 23:35.

''We feel the need to express our deepest gratitude and warm thanks to the thousands of people who for 35 years worked indefatigably at the old Larnaca Airport and managed right after the Turkish invasion and in adverse conditions to keep our country in contact with the rest of the world,'' he added.

He noted that ''Cyprus is entering the 21st century with two sophisticated airports,'' and assured that ''we will do everything possible to carry out our mission successfully.''

Mr. Aspris said that ''collectively, Hermes Airports and the various services of the airports of the Republic of Cyprus, we will face any possible future challenges or difficulties that may accompany this great effort.''

Asked how many flights are scheduled for the first day of the full operation of the new Larnaca International Airport, Aspris said there were 81 flights, of which 40 departures and 41 arrivals.

''We expect about 5,000 people to arrive at the new airport today and another 5,000 to depart from the new facilities of the new Larnaca Airport,'' he concluded.

At an estimated cost of 656.3 million Euros, the new 10,000 square meter airport features 67 check-in counters, 14 airline ticket desks, eight check-in kiosks, 16 air-bridges, seven security points, five aircraft baggage conveyor belts, and parking spaces for 2,450 cars, while its annual passenger capacity is 7.5 million.

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