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U.S. Involvement
2001-09-11 00:29:59

The US Congress has also dealt with the Cyprus problem and on a number of occasions it has reaffirmed that the status quo in Cyprus is unacceptable (H.CON.RES. 42 and S.CON.RES. 11, 104th Congress).

It has repeatedly reiterated that the situation in Cyprus is detrimental to the interests of the US in the eastern Mediterranean (H.CON.RES. 81 and S.CON.RES. 41, 105th Congress), that lasting peace and stability on Cyprus would be best served by a process of complete demilitarization and has encouraged the President to launch an early substantive initiative, in close coordination with the UN, the EU and interested governments to promote a speedy resolution of the Cyprus problem on the basis of international law, the provisions of relevant UN resolutions and democratic principles.

The US maintains vital interests in this volatile region and a solution of the problem would work towards improving the relations and cooperation between Greece and Turkey, two key NATO allies, thus strengthening NATO’s southern flank in the eastern Mediterranean. If a solution is to be reached, however, it is essential that all these decisions and pronouncements of the international community are fully implemented and for the Turkish side to respond positively to the call of the international community for a resumption of the negotiations without preconditions and within the agreed parameters.

It is hoped that the international community and the US, in particular, will continue to firmly support the people of Cyprus by urging Turkey to comply with the resolutions of the United Nations and to work constructively for a solution of the Cyprus problem within the agreed parameters. This strong support is essential in bringing about a just and peaceful solution in the near future.

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