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Cyprus contributes to the relief effort for Haiti
2010-01-22 15:23:41

In statements made to the press after the meeting of the National Council, the Government Spokesman said: “President Christofias has sent a letter to the President of Haiti, expressing the sympathy, solidarity and sorrow of our people for the thousands of victims in the country following the tragedy that has shaken the international community.”

“The Republic of Cyprus will contribute to the efforts of all the countries to help Haiti in the amount of 100,000 Euros, which will be sent to assist in the effort of addressing the devastating consequences of the earthquake,” the Government Spokesman said.

The people of Cyprus are also contributing to the world relief efforts for Haiti. A fundraiser for the people of Haiti will take place on Sunday, January 24, in all churches.

According to the official website of the Church of Cyprus, the money collected from the fundraising efforts will be added to the contribution of the Church and will be sent to Haiti.

In addition, the high school pupils’ Coordinating Committee will publish a calendar, dedicated to the people of Haiti, and has called on “students, professors, administrators and all those comprising the scholar community” to support this effort to raise money.

Moreover, the Union of Cyprus Journalists called on the media to contribute to the international campaign for the relief of the Haiti earthquake victims.

Immediately after the disaster in Haiti the non-governmental organization Volunteer Doctors Cyprus announced the dispatch of financial aid.

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