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Spokesman: Direct trade regulation is in conflict with EU decisions
2010-04-19 11:26:41

Nicosia, Apr 19 – Government Spokesman Stephanos Stephanou said that the content and the philosophy of the European Union regulation providing for direct trade between the EU and the Turkish occupied areas of Cyprus are wrong and in conflict with previous EU decisions.

Spokesman Stephanou said that the Government of Cyprus has made efforts to address the issue with political and legal actions.

Invited to comment on the fact that the procedure on the direct trade regulation begins today (April 19) in the European Parliament, and asked whether the so called elections in the Turkish occupied areas of Cyprus will have any impact on the process, he said that “the Republic of Cyprus has a clear position on the issue.” Spokesman Stephanou noted that the Republic of Cyprus has prepared its policy on the issue and will stay committed to this policy in order to address the issue in a joint effort with the political parties, the Cypriot Members of the European Parliament, as well as Cyprus’ allies in the EU, especially Greece. Last week, President Christofias described the direct trade resolution as “a provocation.” President Christofias also noted that “we have been working jointly since 2004, when the European Commission and the Council of Europe wanted to promote the direct trade issue following the referenda on the Annan plan.” President Christofias added that he has “protested to the President of the European Commission” and that “letters will be sent to explain what this issue is all about,” noting that “the so-called direct trade must not be linked to Turkey’s obligations towards Cyprus since these emanate from Turkey’s EU commitments.”

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