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Eroglu wins so-called “elections” in the Turkish occupied areas
2010-04-19 11:28:43

Nicosia, April 18 – “Elections” in the Turkish occupied areas took place yesterday, April 18, with Dervis Eroglu defeating Mehmet Ali Talat by a margin of 50.38 percent to 42.85 percent.

Government Spokesman Stephanos Stephanou stated on CYBC that, “Eroglu’s election is definitely a negative development given his political position [and that] it is of paramount importance that negotiations are carried out based on what the two communities have agreed.”

"What is important now is to get to the fundamentals of this development, how we will handle matters, what our tactics will be, so that we are able to implement the aims of a solution," the Spokesman continued.

Moreover, the United Nations are waiting for a clarification of Eroglu's intentions regarding the Cyprus problem, and the period leading up to June 15, when the resolution on renewing the mandate of the UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) is scheduled to be adopted.

Commenting on developments after Eroglu won Sunday's illegal “elections” in the Turkish occupied areas of the Republic of Cyprus and in regards to Eroglu’s support of a two-state solution to the Cyprus problem, a UN diplomatic source said, ''We have to wait and see, but if the process is to have a chance to succeed, Eroglu has to work within the parameters agreed by the two sides and endorsed by the international community.”

Messages have already been sent to Eroglu and Turkey via diplomatic channels, and many players in the Cyprus problem are expected to make similar statements.

Furthermore, the UN Secretary General's Special Adviser on Cyprus Alexander Downer is expected to arrive in New York on May 26 for meetings with UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and other UN senior officials and members of the Security Council.

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