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Government Spokesman: The Government does not favor recourse to the so-called “compensation committee”
2010-04-30 13:05:02

Nicosia, April 28 – “The Government does not favor a recourse to the so called “compensation commission,” especially now that we are in a process of negotiations,” the Government Spokesman Mr. Stephanos Stephanou stated at the end of the meeting of the National Council, held on April 28, which examined the issue of the decision of the European Court of Human Rights on eight pilot appeals, in the presence of the Attorney General of the Republic Mr. Petros Clerides.

In statements to the press, Mr. Stephanou said: “A meeting of the National Council was convened today, which was attended by the Attorney General of the Republic Mr. Petros Clerides. As you know, at today’s meeting of the National Council the decision of European Court of Human Rights on eight pilot appeals was analyzed by the Attorney General, who answered many questions by the members of the National Council. An in depth discussion followed and there was a very constructive dialogue. The political parties will express their positions and views on the issue separately.”

In response to a remark that there is no common line of policy on the issue, the Government Spokesman said: “Various views and approaches on the issue were expressed. Issues of concern were discussed in a very constructive climate. From then on, the parties will express their positions on the issue. Already, some parties have expressed them. Just as the Government expressed its position on the issue through the President of the Republic, as you may remember, also at the press conference he gave a few weeks ago.”

Replying to another question, Mr. Stephanou stated: “The Government does not favor seeking recourse to the so-called committee, especially now in the midst of the negotiation process, and the position expressed by the Government is known – it has been expressed also by the President of the Republic – namely, the property issue will not be resolved in court but at the negotiating table. The ECHR’s decision does not weaken at all the political and legal arguments that support the positions we submitted at the negotiating table vis-a-vis the property issue.”

Invited to say whether there had been different opinions on this issue at the National Council, Mr. Stephanou said: “Since the parties have expressed their wish to state their views separately on the matter, it would not be right for me to say something more about the parties’ position; that is why I have told you the position of the President and the Government.”

Finally, asked if the Government would like the National Council to make a joint statement regarding the ECHR’s decision, the Spokesman noted: “We have our position, which we have expressed. Beyond that, the National Council will decide such a thing and therefore, I believe we have concluded on that. The parties will convey their views.”

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