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Fragments of pithoi unearthed during excavations on Geronisos Island
2010-07-13 12:26:08

Nicosia, Aug. 13 – Numerous fragments of very large pithoi, which can be placed in the 1st century B.C, were unearthed during excavations at the Geronisos Island located just off the coast of Agios Georgios of Pegeia at Pafos District.

An announcement issued on Thursday, August 13, by the Department of Antiquities of the Ministry of Communications and Works, says that the excavations of the New York University at Geronisos Island, under the direction of Professor Joan Breton Connelly, have been completed.

It notes that the excavations began by a team of 18 excavators on May 16, and their efforts focused on the Central Sector of the island where they opened seven 1.5m X 5m trenches along a diagonal axis extending from southwest to northeast.

In the southernmost trench, at the very edge of the island, numerous fragments of very large pithoi were unearthed, it is mentioned, adding that one of these could be mended to stand to a complete profile of 1.20m in height, while the walls of the pithos measure as thick as 0.05m.

The announcement stresses that the pithoi, which were most probably used to store olive oil, can be placed in the 1st century B.C and, according to the excavators, they are among the largest storage vessels found to date on Cyprus.

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