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Funerals of victims of deadly blast held on July 13 &14, 2011
2011-07-14 10:12:33

The funerals of 8 of the 12 victims who were killed by the deadly blast at the Naval Base “Evangelos Florakis” were held on Wednesday, July 13, in the cities of Larnaca and Limassol while three other victims were buried today.

The churches where the funeral services for each of the victims were held, were overflowing with people who, apart from family and friends, attended the services to pay tribute to the fallen victims. Various government officials also attended the services on behalf of the government and the president of the Republic.

In the meantime, another blast victim, the 19 year-old Antonis Charalambous, was pronounced dead yesterday morning after suffering severe injuries due the explosion at the naval base.

Twelve people were killed by the deadly blast including six firemen, four National Guard members and two sailors.

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