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Greece and Israel to supply Cyprus with electricity following Naval Base Tragedy
2011-07-14 11:23:49

The government of the Republic of Cyprus is in contact with Greece and Israel regarding aid to meet Cyprus’ electricity production needs following the destruction of the island’s biggest power plant due to the massive blast which occurred at the naval base near the Vassiliko power plant.

In his statements, Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Antonis Paschalides stated that he and Greek Deputy Prime Minister Theodoros Pangalos discussed the situation at length adding that the issue was to be discussed at a cabinet Council meeting held on July 12 in Greece.

Ministers further noted that the final aim of the consultations underway is to guarantee the dispatch of power generators from Greece to Cyprus as soon as possible, adding that power generators bids would also be sought from the private sector. To this end, Mr. Paschalides confirmed that a request for Expressions of Interest for the supply of power is to be released soon.

Meanwhile, the Government Spokesman informed the press that President Christofias chaired presided over a meeting on Tuesday, July 12, which focused on the issue of energy production and was attended by the Minister of Commerce and representatives of the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC), the Energy Regulatory Authority and the Transmission System Operator.

According to the Spokesman, the briefing revolved around both the issue of electricity generation and its management, adding that specific decisions were made “on how to utilize all offered energy sources while adhering to all legal procedures.''He also noted that the consultations with Greece are at an advanced stage, adding that consultations are also underway with Israel and that bids are also sought from private citizens.

The Spokesman also mentioned that help had also been offered from the Turkish occupied areas' illegal authorities, adding that this is something which is currently under review to address whether Cypriot sovereignty would be violated should such help be accepted.

Minister Paschalides stated, moreover, that a Decree which mandates the use of emergency power generators owned by businesses, institutions and hotels has already been issued and urged everyone to abide by it.

On the issue of water shortage,Mr. Paschalides said that there had been an arrangement concerning desalination plants so that there will be a continuous flow of water.

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