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Cypriot protestors pay tribute to blast victims
2011-07-14 12:06:23

Thousands of Cypriot citizens gathered Tuesday evening at the Eleftheria Square in down town Nicosia to pay tribute to the twelve men, who lost their lives during the massive explosions at the Naval Base ''Evaggelos Florakis'' near Limassol, on Monday.

The crowd lit a candle to the memory of the twelve victims as a token of support and sympathy to the victims' families and friends. According to the Police, around 3,000 gathered at the Square.

They protesters also voiced complaints against the government’s handling of the incident and demanded justice and punishment for those responsible for the tragedy.

Some protestors stormed the first Presidential Palace gate but were prevented from moving further by a strong riot Police presence. Troublemakers started throwing stones and flaming torches against the Palace gates. Police fired tear gas against the crowd which also included peaceful protestors, old people, women and children.

Police Spokesman Michalis Katsounotos stated that the Police had arrested twenty people outside the Presidential Palace while five others were arrested in Limassol for carrying 24 flaming torches.

Katsounotos denounced the violence exhibited by a crowd of approximately 300 troublemakers noting that they exploited the situation and the peaceful demonstration of 3,000 others. Some policemen were wounded during the clashes.

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