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President Christofias: Apologies on behalf of myself and the government are a given
2011-07-15 08:40:14

President Christofias reassured on Friday that those who are responsible for the blast at the naval base “Evangelos Florakis” will be held accountable. He also called on everyone to “restrain from any statements of animosity” and to “keep a low profile”.

In statements made to the press during the official memorial service held in Nicosia for the victims of the 1974 military coup in Cyprus, President Christofias commented on statements that were made after his televised address to the nation yesterday asking him to apologize for the tragedy and stressed that “the apologies on behalf of myself and my government are a given.”

He also called on everybody to keep a low profile and to restrain from any statements of animosity adding that this is the time for everyone to stay reasonable and to reflect on the events, the time for unity and collective work in order to cope with the tragic consequences of the incident.

The President finally reassured that the government assumes the responsibilities accounted to it, noting, however, that "nobody has the right to set public courts, to judge and to convict people.”

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