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President not immune from blast committee's inquiry
2011-09-02 08:33:22

The President of the Republic will be placed on an equal footing as everybody else during his appearance before the independent inquiry committee looking into the blast at a naval base in Mari, according to the head of the committee, Mr. Polys Polyviou.

Following the conclusion of Thursday’s public hearings, Mr. Polyviou revealed that the committee’s report on the incident will be concluded by September 30 and will then be made public, adding that the committee has to make sure that it will not impair the criminal investigation taking place simultaneously in any way by procuring testimonies from the authorities.

He also noted that he is more “flexible” in terms of investigating where the the political responsibilities for the incident lie which, he said, is the central part of his job, adding that that when it comes to the criminal investigation, he needs to be more careful by focusing on the facts, highlighting the legal aspects and subsequently making recommendations to the Attorney General.

Mr. Polyviou also stated that President Christofias will appear before the committee on Monday, when he will respond to questions after reading a brief statement.

Asked whether the President will have tio re-appeara before the commission, Mr. Polyviou noted that this will depend on how the procedure develops, adding that a person is invited for a second time only in extraordinary circumstances.

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