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President Christofias and entourage arrive in New York and meet with UN Secretary General
2011-09-21 08:39:57

President Christofias,accompanied by First Lady Elsi Christofias, Foreign Minister Erato Kozakou-Marcoullis and Government Spokesman Stephanos Stephanou, arrived in New York on Monday when he also held a meeting with UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon.

According to statements he made after the meeting, President Christofias and the UN Secretary General discussed, among other things, the offshore drilling for mineral deposits off the south coast of Cyprus, in conjunction with Turkish threats about sending warships to the area should the plans for offshore drilling be put into effect. Regarding this matter, President Christofias stated that he was reassured by Mr. Ban Ki Moon, that we would address the issue of the Turkish threats during his meeting with Prime Minister Erdogan.  The President also mentioned that there was no possibility that the United Nations would ask the Republic of Cyprus to halt all exploration efforts, reiterating that it is Cyprus' sovereign right to embark upon this project.

With regards to the Cyprus problem, President Christofias mentioned that all parties are troubled by the lack of significant progress, expressing his hope that Turkey and Mr. Eroglu will change their position so that more convergences may be achieved in some of the more important aspects of the Cyprus problem since most of the convergences that have taken place involve minor matters. He also added that the subject of Turkey's intransigence when it comes to the Cyprus problem should also be up for discussion during Mr. Ban Ki Moon's private meeting with Mr. Erdogan.

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